Surcharge Free* ATMs

Atlantic credit unions provide their members with surcharge free access to their money from coast to coast.  Our partnerships with THE EXCHANGE® and the ACCULINK® networks provide our members with combined access to over 2,400 surcharge free ATMs across Canada using their MemberCard

Canadian credit union members have always enjoyed access to thousands of ATMs across Canada, surcharge free.  Now we are joining forces to talk about it cooperatively with the launch of  a national ding free® campaign, read about it here.

What is a Surcharge?

A surcharge (or convenience fee) is a fee charged by an ATM owner at the time of the transaction and appears on the ATM receipt. A surcharge ranges from $1 to $3, and comes with a warning screen before the ATM transaction is complete. Surcharges are not the same as transaction or account fees, which would appear on a member’s monthly statement - i.e. when a member exceeds the limits of a package account that comes with a fixed amount of free transactions per month.